Vicki Dunphy Benefit

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Start Date: 4-2-2021 | End Date: 4-9-2021

Raffle Description

Friends, family and community have come together to raise money for our friend and community leader Vicki Dunphy. Through their generous donations of money, gift certificates and gifts we have assembled over 30 baskets and prizes for you.  Most every basket item requires just 1 ticket for entry.  There are however, a handful of baskets that require 2 or more due to the value of the basket prize(s).  A full list of baskets can be found below at the bottom of this page.  While there also be sure to take a look at all of our generous donors. Thank you again to everyone who donated and helped organize this event. Finally, thank you for purchasing tickets today and GOOD LUCK!

About Vicki Dunphy Benefit

Welcome to the Vicki Dunphy Benefit Raffle. In January of 2021 Vicki Dunphy was diagnosed with stage IV Small Cell Cancer. This raffle will be raising funds to aid in the cost of treatment. Thank you to all those who have donated items for the raffle.

For questions and concerns feel free to contact any member or our benefit committee: Heather Shore (, Kris Smith (, Amy Heffelfinger (, Jana Jacobs (, Mindy Teske, Mike Berentes, Jolene Bickett, Kris Noble, Darcy Feather, Kristine Schauff, Jay Mammosser or Chrissy Zollinger)


Thank you to our donors

Charity Contact:

101 12th Ave
Rock Falls, IL 61071


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